User-friendly 3D measurement software

The WinWerth® measurement software allows equipment to be used efficiently and ergonomically. Users are given interactive graphic instructions, which is absolutely ideal for use in the workshop environment. For the experienced user, there are a number of tools available.

The high-powered image processing system enables reliable automatic measurement of objects, even where there is low contrast and object characteristics fluctuate. Measurements with very simple touch probes, 3D scanning with tactile measuring systems, laser measurements and so on, can easily be combined with optical measurements.

The modules Werth CAD-Offline, Werth CAD-Online, and Werth CAD-Paramess have set standards for the connection of coordinate measurement equipment to the world of CAD.

Werth BestFit, used in conjunction with highly developed scanning technology, offers the perfect tool for control of free-form profiles and surfaces. An SPC interface is standard.

WinWerth® – the complete software concept for the shopfloor and precision measuring lab

The WinWerth combines modern, intuitive user guidance with exceptional features that make measuring with a Werth multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine especially simple. Using WinWerth®, all geometrical characteristics as well as the form and positional tolerances according to DIN/ISO 1101, can be measured and evaluated. The measurement results are depicted graphically and in tabular form. Correction values can, however, also be transferred directly to the production machine. The ergonomic, graphical user interface of the WinWerth® measuring software is of particular importance. In combination with the intelligence of the image processing system, WinWerth® sets standards.

The measured geometric elements are depicted graphically as in a technical/construction drawing. By simply clicking via the mouse, these can then be linked to dimensions. Measuring thus becomes as easy as reading a drawing. In Werth CAD-Online® Mode, the operation is reduced to an absolute minimum. The software module Werth CAD-Offline® enables the multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine to be programmed from a workstation removed from the machine, yet still at a very high level. The user only has to select the geometrical elements to be measured via mouse clicks on the CAD model.

By means of password security, it can be ensured that the user receives access to the software that corresponds to their particular tasks. Both the easy start up of programs with the bar code scanner as well as the creation of complex measuring programs is thus optimally supported.

In combination with a real image processing system, WinWerth® allows efficient operation of the machine. Special parametric programs guarantee user-friendly measurements of even specialized work pieces like vehicle axle shafts and tools. User programs with ergonomic user interface for measuring form cutters, hob cutters, saw cutters, broaches, drill and taps, grinding rolls and flattening rolls and special characteristics on camshafts like the cam form, the cam angle, oil bore holes, flutes, recesses, chain sprockets etc. additionally increase the flexibility of the Werth multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines.


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