Probing System

High-precision scanning probing system

The TP200 is a cost effective touch-trigger probing system for point to point measurement of 3D features on workpieces.

The SP25 is a compact scanning probing system:

Five Scaning modules to scan workpieces with different stylus (up to 400 mm):

–    SM25-1 scanning module: for length probes 20-50 mm

–    SM25-2 scanning module: for stylus lengths 50-105 mm

–    SM25-3 scanning module: for length lengths 120-200 mm

–    SM25-4 scanning module: for stylus lengths 220-400 mm

–    SM25-5 scanning module: for asymmetrically and angled stylii configurations.

The SP80 is a high precision scanning probing sytem.

The main application of the SP80 are measuring tasks  that either require high accuracy or the use of long and heavy stylus configurations.


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