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Flexibility in production control and laboratory

Design: High accuracy fixed bridge type multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine with air bearing technology and rigid granite design.


  • toolmaking and machine building industry
  • automotive industry (i.e. injection nozzles, valves, gears)
  • electronics industry
  • plastics industry
  • rubber goods industry
  • glass industry


Machine TypeMeasuring Range (mm)Available Measuring Sensors
VideoCheck PortalX: 400-2000
Y: 400-1350
Z: 200-800
Werth image processing sensor with high resolution CCD camera,
Werth 3D-patch,
Werth laser sensor,
Touch-trigger and dynamic probes,
Werth Contour Probe,
Werth Fiber Probe,
Werth IP 40 T (compact optical sensor head)


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Werth form- and state tolerances Poster

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