TomoScope XS

TomoScope Technology in a New Compact Format

TomoScope Technology in a New Compact Format:

  • The transmission tube – with a unique monoblock design – produces a small focal spot even at high X-ray power, so that rapid measurements can be performed at high resolution
  • Downtime and operating costs are minimized
  • The air bearing rotary axis positions the workpiece with the highest precision to ensure low measurement uncertainty
  • Due to the compact design, the minimal space requirement and low weight, it can be set up nearly anywhere
  • Guarantee reliable and traceable measurement results by calibrating according to standards, including DAkkS certification
  • The TomoScope® XS allows CT sensor systems to be used across a wide spectrum of workpieces and tasks
  • Also reconstructs the workpiece volume in real time, in parallel with capturing the images, allowing the system to be used for production monitoring
Max. part dimensions (mm)
Ømax.= approx. 205
mm; Lmax.= approx. 98 mm (depending on the aspect ration of the components)


Werth TomoScope XS


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