Werth IP40T és IP110T

Measuring in any Position

The IP 40 T and IP 110 T sensor heads from Werth Messtechnik GmbH enable flexible measurement with image processing, using tilting and rotating joints  even for large coordinate measuring machines. The IP 40 T and the IP 110 T are compact sensor heads with telecentric optics and an integrated zoom function. The darkfield incident light illumination, implemented in an 8-segment ring, provides the best possible contrast. The incident light ring can be exchanged for the Werth Fiber Probe, using a kinematic interchange system (patent pending). The result is a rotary / tilt measurement head with a microprobe that allows contact measurements of extremely small geometries in any orientation with very small contact forces and high precision.


The Multisensor Newsletter

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Werth form- and state tolerances Poster

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