Pipecheck corrosion software module for NDT

Comprehensive and powerful NDT solution

Technological innovations featured in Creaform’s comprehensive and powerful NDT solutions enable pipeline engineers to combine the power of the HandySCAN 3D portable scanner with ultrasonic testing (UT) technologies. By including both the inner and the outer wall deterioration in the calculation of a pipe’s bust pressure, Pipecheck sets a new standard of reliability and efficiency. NDT inspectors using magnetic detectors, UT devices or in-line inspection tools can also benefit from the software’s rigorous analysis power even if they do not use 3D laser scanners, thanks to Pipecheck’s ability to import external data sets. This comprehensive solution provides the best alternative to traditional pit gauges—whether you need to perform true wall thickness assessments, ILI correlations, corrosion assessments on mechanical damage, or pipeline straightening operations.


3D Scanning Solution for Pipeline Integrity Assessment


PipeCheck Brochure

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