CMM Fixture Kit

Infinitely adjustable CMM fixture kits.

The new generation of infinitely adjustable CMM fixture kits offer significant advantages over traditional fixture systems. Patent pending T-slot and T-nut technology provides infinite adjustment of the fixture components in multiple directions. Clamps, locators and supports can be placed in exactly the right position to suit the part. Greater flexibility results in less complicated designs, fixtures are easier to assemble and completed in less time.

Fixture mountings incorporate one or more t-slot. The slot receives a sliding t-nut which is used to secure the fixture components in place. For rapid repeat set-ups, fixture components can be removed and replaced without disturbing the t-nut while laser engraved scales and alpha markings facilitate more precise builds.

Any number of designs can be created from a single fixture kit. Over one hundred high quality parts manufactured from anodised aluminium and stainless steel are supplied in a compartmented storage case. All types of prismatic and free form parts can be held and supported correctly during measurement.


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CMM Fixture Kit Datasheet

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Aberlink Fixture Kit

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