Lease measurement and scan, Reverse Engineering

Due to the continuous development of technologies and manufacturing processes and growing customer expectations requires certain processes to be outsourced. This not only boosts efficiency but makes it possible to carry out the required measurement tasks simply and fast, without considerable investments, even on site.

Our company offers metrology services using its state-of-the-art measurement systems.

In case of shortage in capacity, we use the traditional coordinate and multisensor machines located in our showroom. Used by our specially trained experts, these devices are highly capable for measuring, programming and reporting practically any parts. When measuring a series of parts, a specifically prepared program  accelerates the process, further lowering the per unit cost.

Beyond a certain size range even the handling and transport of the parts require thorough preparation, which in turn can raise the costs considerably.

By large measurement range we understand parts with 1-5-10 or even 20 meters in size.

For measurement of large parts we use special portable optical devices  that can be installed in minutes and can be operated on the production level without any complications. Thanks to their technology and design, they are resistant to the manufacturing contaminations, and also (ground) vibrations from the nearby traffic or heavy duty machineries.

It is important to note that technologies like HandyProbe (contact method) or Metrascan (non-contact method) can deliver highly accurate measurement results even on the shop floor and in larger (2-3-5 m) measurement ranges, while having outstanding mobility.

3D acquisition (or scanning) of parts and tools becomes more and more important in nowadays’ metrology.

Comparing to the standard contact measurement methods, high speed non-contact inspections provide much more data in much shorter time to the users. As each and every point of all part surfaces is known, there is no need to rescan the part to measure and evaluate any future geometric elements. Scanning technology drastically shortens measurement time while errors can easily be located using colour mapping method.

Besides the measurement, the point cloud created by scanning is also used for reverse engineering. In this case one starts from the existing part/tool and goes backwards in the documentation.  For example, a worn die cast tool should be remanufactured, but neither its plan nor its model is available. In this case the replacement tool’s old-new manufacturing plans can be created within a couple of days after the scan.

To sum it up, no matter how many parts is measured, reported, fully documented, or converted to a database based on pre-defined requirements you can count on our company.

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